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February 21, 2014:
The use of tradelines and CPNs has been linked to elaborate scams.


Is CPN Use Legal?:

Note that using someone else's social security number may be considered fraud or identity theft depending on the situation. You should always consult with an attorney before using unknown CPNs and those of your children.

CPN Number Acquisition

Use and abuse of CPN numbers

The only truly way to get a cpn number is to order one from the social security administration for someone who does not yet have one, such as a new child. In extreme cases, new social security numbers are issued for people in the witness protection program or new citizens, but under just about any situation, using another person's credit privacy number to get a job, borrow money, or obtain benefits could be construed as fraud and get you into all kinds of trouble. If someone has advised you to abuse the number of a relative or child, or take over the number of a deceased person, or use numbers that have been obtained through third parties, you could be charged with a crime if it is found that you essentially got something under a new identity.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: In almost every case, the preferred cours of action is to clean up your own credit history. Using any fraudulent measures to get a loan could get you jail time and a criminal record.