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March 11, 2014:
CPNs getting more scrutiny after massive fraud related to linked accounts.


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Consumer protection agencies caution people not to get credit privacy numbers for fraudulent purposes, as the practice can land you in jail, where your credit is measured in cigarettes.

What Are Credit Privacy Numbers

How People Get Credit Privacy Numbers. (Is It Considered Identity Theft or Credit Fraud?)

Credit Privacy Numbers are used by credit agencies to identify people’s credit scores. In almost all cases they are synonymous with social security numbers. Recently, people have been using the credit privacy numbers of prisoners, children, people in homes, and others who haven’t taken out credit in some time, since those numbers are considered pristine and available for various credit fraud and identity theft schemes. People also use these numbers to get employment if they are either wanted criminals or residing in the country illegally, since the use of these numbers can allow them to get a job and the bank account necessary to cash their paychecks.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Nothing on this site should be considered as any kind of advice whatsoever, but using a credit privacy number that is not your own will probably get you put into prison, so in this case we would advise you to be patient and fix your own credit score.