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February 21, 2014:
Use of children's SSNs on MSNBC (video)


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If you're looking for topics related to the use of EIN and TIN numbers, see the internet and other friendly places. Don't just take the advice of someone trying to sell you a credit repair service that costs several thousand dollars.

Can you get new credit privacy numbers?

What if your number is being used by someone else? People sell lists of credit privacy numbers that match up with birthdates and other information.

Credit Privacy NumbersCredit privacy numbers are a euphemism for Social Security Numbers or other numbers used to identify people for credit purposes. In some recent articles on credit fraud, it was revealed that people are taking the credit privacy numbers of children and prisoners and recycling them for the purpose of either improving someone else’s credit score or getting credit on the actual numbers themselves. Generally speaking, this would be considered a form of criminal wrongdoing, but there is a market in social security numbers used for such things as identity theft and the acquisition of credit that the person taking out the loan does not necessarily intend to pay back. Even if a parent uses a child’s credit rating and fully intends to pay back the incurred debts, this is not legal. In some cases children are turning 18, applying for credit, and finding out that they have a long negative credit history. They may also be pursued by debt collectors for money they don’t really owe, and can’t get a student loan (or other financial help, or even a job) because they are saddled with poor credit. Therefore, it is best to safeguard your child’s credit privacy number to keep such things from happening. One method that is used with CPNs to try and secure good credit is known as a "seasoned trade line" or "tradeline" which attaches your SSN to a line of credit that you can't access. This bulks up your credit score but it doesn't mask any late payments, bankruptcies, short sales, and other issues that you may have with your credit score. Before entering into a contract with any credit repair service, note that the Federal Trade Commission states that you can't prepay for services, so any agency that wants to collect money for a tradeline must do it after the line is in place.

Are you looking for a "guaranteed CPN" or a "legal CPN" number that you can use to get great credit and live the life of a champion? You should keep in mind that you aren't allowed to use SSNs and alternative ID numbers fraudulently, and you probably won't be better off if you have the same behaviors that got you into a bad credit risk category in the first place. CPNs and credit privacy numbers that are stolen or reused from deceased SSN lists aren't going to be a good bet. Also, there are a lot of con artists out there who promise you a CPN that is bogus or on the death list, so you aren't going to get anywhere with it. If you plan on doing something illegal, and end up getting ripped off, then scam artists are counting on the fact that you are not going to go to the police.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: If you believe your credit privacy numbers have been compromised, then you may want to sign up for a credit monitoring service or monitor your own credit report. In credit card processing, stricter PCI-DSS compliance standards are also helping companies protect information when they may have parts of social security numbers stored along with credit privacy numbers